Because you wake up everyday bad or good, in pain & fatigued, sad or happy; despite it all you keep going.

You cry, you scream, you feel like today is the last of your days and as so many others have done, you get on your knees begging GOD!!, please send me the answer to the one question so many of us have painfully shared….. TELL ME WHY, WHY ME ? Sadly no response….

Still you keep going, continue on with your life and as you shut the door behind you the darkness that hovers your soul is left behind and seems to of disappeared. You place an invisible mask on your face with a smile which you wear well for eight hours a day; mingling, socializing, & handling the duties of your daily life. The world smiles back at you with no clue that deep within your eyes are dried up tears leading a path towards a chest that holds a heart filled with heartache. & when you end your day and return home you will unlock the door to your reality, the reality of the darkness that will await you and burden you with sorrows and taunt you with the continued mystery as to WHY YOU? 

-Jackie N

For all those suffering in silence


So many of us do not know that our “confused” state of mind and emotional instability is from the lack of separating ourselves from the world. We are required have ALONE TIME so we may purify our minds, bodies, and soul. This should be a consistent in order to find clarity and live a more positive lifestyle. 

Choosing to be stuck in the same pattern or routine of a negative energy will only allow for so many to prey on your energy and surround you with  negative forces of their daily lives. Negativity has become the norm, making it common so very common it’s no longer noticeable. Although, it will always be a part of the worlds existence it does not mean we must allow it to take over. It is our  duty to incorporate routinely  cleansing to guard our soul and aura which will allow so many of us to lead a more powerful and confident way of life more importantly it will prepare us to live a more serene & positive lifestyle. 

Start now!

Tip for the soul: Practice spiritual and positive energy excercises. 
-Jackie N 

My little Old Soul

When I am lost in my thoughts of darkness your sweet voice brings me back to a world of bright colors. Awake once again I continue on my journey of life wiser, & as I struggle to accept that the past must go you place your soft little hand on my shoulder as if you at this very moment you must mend the hurt of saying goodbye to the memories; the past memories that holds the a record of my happiest moments. Your deep brown eyes looks at me with so much love strengthening my heart to let go. 

My little old soul sent to me from above how close is our bond that your loving empathic energy has helped heal me slowly. 

-Jackie N 

Beautiful Sorrows

 Oh beautiful sorrows, famous breaking moments. Even when we fight to stay strong, stay positive we still manage to have repeated meltdowns. Our everyday weaknesses kicks in and takes a toll on us draining our souls. We continue living as usual, doing what we must do to survive but eventually the draining energy attacks us and beats us down feeling hopeless. Suddenly this feeling turns into a horrible fatigue causing physical discomfort at times unbearable.  For now have your down moment just make sure to cleanse your spirit, fight through another moment of unbearable discomfort and move forward towards the light of truth. Oh beautiful sorrow if it was’t for you so many of us wouldn’t be warriors. 

-Jackie N
Dedicated to all:
 #epilepsywarriors #chronicillnesswarriors #mentalhealthfighters 
                THE STRUGGLE IS REAL 


A smile so beautiful as you ran towards a shining light, a light from the heavens. Closer & closer the energetic vibration cleansed your soul allowing you to shed your last tears of pain to flow down your cheek. Healed your hearts beat palpated intensly with excitement awaiting the peace you have never truly experienced. Finally Divine serenity has arrived and once in for all in all your years of life you now know what certainty actually feels like. Today you are certain of your life, of what will be from here forward, and TODAY you were REBORN. 

-Jackie N