So I am not a fan of posting hospital pictures, or any pictures that bring sadness or any form of negativity to the soul however I decided to post this one as a form of Awareness for Epilepsy. Just a typical day in my shoes, from fighting hard to accomplishing yet another day with a smile. I am battling Epilepsy and well between yesterday the battle was quite hard, this time it managed to break me down. I broke down, I cried, & I wished not for this to go away; I mean I can’t ask for to much but I begged for at least less days of suffering, my mind was so scrambled I completely forgot everything I just stood in place for a while & tried to remember what I do daily… To All my fellow warriors I share this before & after pic to let you know you aren’t alone but to also let you know that like many of you I cried & I cried hard. We all have moments like these in our life that will come and go and it’s ok, there is nothing wrong in feeling this and I am sure there are times you need to talk to someone and you just won’t because of the response you get, or the lack of compassion but trust me there will be someone one day that will understand. But in the meantime when this happens let it all out, cry! Cry hard, when you do this you will feel better. Pray! Pray with faith you will feel relief. Talk! Talk to someone, anyone there will be someone who will listen (I AM LISTENING). Do this and you will feel this break down for minor hours and get right back up like the warrior your are… Put all of this into practice & you will smile like I am now doing in my after picture you see. We are given this life we must accept it and learn to know how to ride with it or else we will be miserable.. 

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