Is it possible? Could this be? A feeling of happiness so intense so real that what you spoke to be happiness was nothing but words but never truly existed in my heart?

The act of being positive, truly feeling the positivity within my soul. Wanting to be,  striving to be and making the attempt to be POSITIVE! To know that today the practice of it daily could eventually break chains? …….My God what a huge wieght off my shoulders, anyone’s shoulders but most of all what a huge block uplifted from my heart. I feel free, I feel liberated. 

How could I keep myself incarcerated for decades in a cell of misery? How did I not want to accept the light? The constant signs thrown at me, the opportunities God sent me yet it was those opportunities I mistakenly shut out for the lack of trust and anger I was filled with, and for the weakness my mind was controlled by. 

For the white lights that one day crossed my path I thank you for attempting to show me a sign, for offering me advice towards a different life and I will forever remember what today is nothing but appreciated positivity. You all paved the way to the chains I broke today. 
-Jackie N.

5 thoughts on “Breaking Chains

      1. For He ashes to beauty Mourning to dancing Anguish to songs of praise!! There is no greater love known to man that of God!! He will set every captive free, it is by the flip of a hat, or turning around. In an instant we can wear that crown of freedom. I tell my kid that all the time. I remind as he knows, it just takes turning back around in acknowledgement. Have an awesome day!!

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