Tears …….

 I have been overwhelmed with an abundance of tears 😪 The consumption of energy from others around me has me all mixed up within.

Interestly enough all this energy revolves around tears . 

Tears of sadness , joy , relief , disappointment , hopelessness , & bittersweets . But oh it was that bittersweet & dry tears that stood out the most. 

These are the most painful to see, the sadness & heartbreak covered up your childlike smile showing the world your fine but its those sudden brief moments of silence you had, where I felt that crying heart and saw the flashing memories that you once shared & today it has officially come to an end.😔 It is you my dear friend who today broke my ❤️ the most as painful energy rushed through my soul and although you kept those eyes dry my eyes watered what your heart yearned to let. 

Oh bittersweet moments I guess some things just never last forever. –

– To true friendships
-Jackie Navarro 

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